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AR Terminals offers a complete solution in structure, machinery and technology for the storage of your product. We have a total area of 73.600 thousand m² and a warehouse with an area of 3,600 m2, our machinery consist of 05 Reach-Stacker forklifts with a capacity of 45 tonnes.

We also have a workshop for container repairs, 330 power outlets, washing ramps and a 24 hour security system.

Container Storage

Handling in / out of full or empty container, reefer or dry.

General Warehouse

Covered warehouse for palletized or loose loads.


Professionals qualified for conference and cargo handling within the requirements of the market.


Operation consists of direct transhipment of cargo, vehicle vs. container or vice versa. Reducing time and costs, and provides greater agility of operation.

Depot of Voids

Storage of empty containers; repair shop; container and vacuum lavage, PTI and EDI.


System for counting and checking all materials available in stock, according to the legislation.


Our team applies standardized labels on the packaging of goods, to circulate the products.


Merchandise grouped in pallets, facilitating the warehouse of the merchandise in the company and the control of the warehouse.

Unitization / Dismantling

Unitization of cargoes, withdrawal of empty container, consolidation and delivery in Ports. Dismantling of nationalized cargoes.


Road balance with capacity for 80 tons according to INMETRO. Weighing in and out of vehicles.

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